Monday, November 9, 2015

Fall pictures, back yard plants.
Amish Cockscomb growing in the cracks of the cement next to house.

Swedish Ivy blossoms

This was my 3rd time at trying to capture a good picture of the flower with my CANON A630 power shot. Last year no matter what I tried the camera just would not get a good focus. This year it was outside and after several tries finally got a decent focus.

Monday, December 1, 2014

The latest project is enclosing the front porch. You can see I am about half done with the outside of the project. The windows were old sliding glass patio doors that were discarded, I removed the frame around the door and set the glazing into a redwood frame I built which can be removed for the summer months and just the post would remain, then set back in for the winter months.  This thanksgiving was just myself, Brother Bill and his wife Mary. We ate out so no left overs. This prompted me to cut up and cook the Halloween pumpkin then make a pumpkin pie. It was really good even if I do say so myself. Now I have left over pumpkin pie. Come on in Charlie Brown, I promise it was not the "Great Pumpkin". Maybe I will write some this Christmas but if not I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and may God bless you all, after all Christmas is a celebration of his birth ... lets remember that all year and most assuredly this Christmas Season.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Tree update

Ok, so the "tree" has now flowered, (not a weeping fig). It had twice as many group clusters a few days ago but the wind has blown them away. The clusters also had twice as many flowers also. It realy looked good. I'm sad I didn't get pictures before the wind claimed most of the flowers. If anyone knows what this tree is called and what family it is in please let us know with a comment at the bottom.

We moved it from the greenhouse to the front porch where it gets morning sun. Liked that a lot I guess.

On another note, our neibhbor asked us why we didn't grow figs. He said the Oklahoma climate was good for figs. I may try one or two trees to see how well they will do. He says to start them in a bucket from seed then transplant to the yard when they outgrow the buckets. I will have to do some research to see best time to start the seeds.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Tree

When last in Houston I had recovered a discarded pot with a ?tree? growing in it in the woods. It was all tangled in with the forest things, vines – bushes – other saplings – weeds – etc. After the rescue much of it was cut off in order to get it out. Root bound as well. To get it in the van to bring it home I had to crop it even more so all that was left was 4 twigs sticking up with a about a dozen leaves shared among them.  At home I repotted it with fresh soil and dressed it up a bit, fed and watered it and waited to see what would happen. As you see in the above picture it came out in great shape and is on it’s way to becoming a fabulous weeping fig. At least that is what it looks like to me. If anyone knows what it is please comment, I would like to know.

I have also loaded pictures of some of our other plants that are doing quite well now though when we put them out for Memorial day they were pretty ragged due to the wind. We were very unhappy they did not look well for Memorial day after all the work. Look at them now!!!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

(MEMORABLE?) Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend,

This is the only picture of the weekend! I had already washed most of the mud off with a hose outside.
The weekend started with Nina ready to leave for her sisters. When she came in to say goodbye I told her I would like to go along to go fishing while she was visiting. This delayed the start for another two hours while I packed up and loaded.
When arriving in Ponca City we dropped off flowers at the cemetery then arrived at her sisters. Nephews were there so had a good visit. Next morning I left early to go fishing, stopped by Bill (my brother) along the way but he didn't answer the door so on to the river.

Now my adventure begins;
I arrived at Wolf Creek and proceeded to drive down the old road which was more of a deep rutted trail through the woods. As I proceeded I came upon a Very DEEP rutted mud hole with no way around. Of course I got stuck so spent the morning trying to get out. At the end of that ordeal I was wet, muddy, and a bit tired to say nothing of my attitude at having not put a hook in the water. It was back to Nina’s sister to clean up and wash the van on the way. That afternoon I called Bill and ask if he wanted to go with me to put flowers on family sites at the Newkirk cemetery and then explore for a fishing spot. As I was loading the flowers I dropped one and had to repot it. That was not a good sign that the afternoon would go any better than the morning. Well, Bill showed up to go along and our exploring ended with a flat tire we had to change in the dark. The next day was Sunday but the flat had to get fixed, which I didn’t much like but the ox was in the mire. Monday was not much better however I did get a hook in the water and I caught a good sized bass. Now usually I would put the fish into a wire basket but I didn’t, I put the bass on a stringer and into the water. It wasn’t long after that noticed a large (14 to 16 inch diameter) snapping turtle was looking at me out of the water next to the bank where my stringer was. Yep, he got the bass. Now I could bore you with details about getting hung up and losing several spinners, hooks, floats etc.; but that all goes with fishing and is tolerable when you catch fish. So now it is getting on to about noon and Bill arrives which was a good thing. You see the creek bank was very steep and as the water was receding the bank was wet and slippery. It wasn’t long after Bill got there I found myself in the creek. I couldn’t get out on my own because of the wet slippery slope and Bill had to give me a hand up. By the end of that day’s fiascos I still had no fish and was once again wet and muddy. Ok, I give up, time to end this and head back home. I dropped back by the cemetery and picked up the flowers I had dropped off the day of the flat. Next I Picked up Nina, then the flowers at the other cemetery and headed for home. When I picked up Nina she was not doing well and had a sore throat the whole time with laryngitis so the visit with her sister did not go as well as she had wanted.  
I have an unwavering hope that the next fishing trip will be more productive with fish and less productive with accidents. We did come home to a productive garden with lots of cherry tomatoes. It was a very MEMORABLE weekend, though I would like to forget it.

Monday, May 21, 2012


Well, I'm am now on insulin. Great trepidation as waited for days for my appointment with the nurse to show me all about pokin myself. The day finally arrived. I have to say the worst part of the whole ordeal was after she had explained everything and actually handed ME the needle and was waiting for me to poke and inject. That few seconds, seemed like minutes, was very unsettling. Then ... I poked ... and injected ... Hey, didn't even feel a thing. What was all the hullabaloo about anyway. It was just as everyone kept telling me ... no big deal ... won't feel a thing ... its easy ... and on and on. I'm am not looking forward, however, to remembering all the do's and don'ts about storage and moving the spot around and taking it with me on trips and keeping it from extreme temperature variations and all that goes along with it.

I have to say, however, that if any of you are looking at high blood sugar and are unable to get the numbers down, don't fret over the needle. Taking insulin to maintain a healthy body is not a bad thing. Of course it is better to maintain a healthy body without it so follow a good diet, get exercise, and do your checkups then ADPIE which means Assess, Diagnose, Plan, Implement, Evaluate.

Assess your health, take the test, check weight, blood pressure, all the vitals, head to foot inspection, etc.

Diagnose your situation, determine why the data you have collected about yourself is not where it should be.

Next, Plan what you are going to do about it. Develop a plan to follow that will get the numbers or data back into the parameters you want them to be.

Implement your plan. Start following it. Set up a regimen that will enable you to keep on track with your plan.

Finally, Evaluate how your body or health is changing as a result of the plan you are following. Make any necessary changes to your plan, implement  and continue to evaluate your progress.

Everyone likes PIE so remember to always ADPIE to your daily routine.

May God bless you and keep you.

Thanks for the visit.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

End of School Assembly Presentation for parents

A fun time today watching Samantha in her school assembly presentation. here are some pictures and video

You could see they were having a lot of fun.

I didn't count the number of different songs they san and put motion to but there were a lot. I don't know how they remember them all, must have worked on them all year.

After the presentation we went back to Samantha's class room where she showed us a book she had made for her mom. Here you see her coloring some on one of the pages. Note the consentration to get it just right.